Translate of the MotoScan strings

Translation guide for interpreters

This guide is intended only to the people who support us in the translation of Moto Scan app into other languages.

  1. To obtain the required files for translation, please contact us by email:
  2. You get from us the following files:
    • MotoScanTranslator.exe – the translation tool. The program helps you, the texts very easy to translate using Google Translator from German into your language.
    • lang_Main.xml – the file with the original texts in German.
    • lang_XX.xml – the dectination file for translated texts. XX = language code e.g. EN for English or IT for Italian language.
  3. The files are compressed as ZIP file.
  4. Create a new folder on your hard drive.
  5. Extract the files from the ZIP file into this new folder.
  6. Start the MotoScanTranslator.exe file.
  7. Go to “File -> Open” and firs select the “lang_Main.xml” file and then the “lang_XX.xml” file.
  8. Top right selected languages. “From: German” and “To: your language”
  9. The white lines have already been translated. The red must be translated.
  10. Click on a red line. Then click with the right mouse button and choose: “Translate via Google”. The text will be translated. In the window below you can customize the text if the translation is not entirely correct.
  11. Save the file “File -> Save” to save the translated texts to the file.

After translation send us the “lang_XX.xml” file back. We will implement the translated texts in the app.

Thank you for your help!