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Die ESA Kalibrierung mit der MotoScan App kann aktuell nur bei Motorrädern mit einem ZFE Steuergerät durchgeführt werden. Die Kalibrierung ist bei folgenden Ereignissen erforderlich:

  • ESA Federbeins hinten getauscht
  • ESA Federbeins vorn getauscht (nur bei Enduro ESA)
  • ZFE Steuergerät getauscht oder neu programmiert
  • Reparatur nach dem erscheinen eines ESA-relevanten Fehlercodes

Um die Kalibrierung durchzuführen, bauen Sie die Verbindung zu dem ZFE Steuergerät auf und gehen Sie dort auf die “Service Funktionen”. Folgen Sie den Anweisungen auf dem Bildschirm.

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  1. Nuno Dias

    I bought a R1200 GS Adventure of 2015 and I bought the MotoScan Ultimate and the adaptor from you.
    I have several problems that I didn’t suspect…
    When I do the test of ESA it says that the module is not present, my moto have the ESA system but I cannot communicate with the Module, the error that is not present, can you give an advise?
    ERROS that I have:
    My Odemeter is always flashing, the ASC is walways ON (Yellow), the ABS light is always FLASHING, the General Warning light is always ON and the Engine ! is always on…
    Can you help me?
    I ride my moto without any problems… but with all this lights it seams like a Christmas tree.

    1. wladi


      The ESA is on you bike in the SAF module integrated. If you get not connection to ESA, then the module SAF will works.
      I think the bike has a problem with the CAN bus. The bus is interrupted or shorted. Check the connection to the ABS module. Also the ABS sensors cam be defective.

  2. Ben

    Hello Motoscan,
    I have a R1250GSA 2019 and want to recalibrate the dynamic ESA. Is that possible and where do I find it in the menu?

    Kind regards,


    1. wladi

      Currently not possible on this model.

  3. Jeff

    I have a 2018 R1200GSA (K51) and use the “Professional version to reset maint reminder. I would like to be able perform ABS Module Cycling and ESA Calibration for front and rear. If I upgrade to the “Ultimate” app will I have access to those 2 functions? Thanks, Jeff

    1. wladi

      ABS bleeding is possible, ESA calibration at the time not.

  4. Robert Mitchell

    I have a K50 R1200GS and am interested in the a.b.s bleeding and e.s.a calibration functions. I understand that these are not possible at the moment and so are there plans to upgrade to this and if so, when will they be available?


    1. wladi

      ABS bleeding is possible. ESA calibration for K50 is at the time not available, but will come.

  5. simon b

    to calibrate the ESA what version of motoscan is needed ?

    1. wladi

      The Ultimate version is required. Bu check with the free Lite version, if the function available for you bike.

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